FORTS provide a comfortable, rapidly deployable, and logistically superior portable fold-out shelter.



FORTS can be delivered up to six units at a time on a flatbed trailer, overseas container, or helicoptered to a remote base camp location. Using a team of three, the units can be unfolded and ready for use in less than 10 minutes, providing an insulated structure that can be configured to suit your needs. FORTS are the ideal structure for critical disaster-relief sheltering, temporary medical clinics, military housing, portable offices, emergency operation centers, and much more!

When the job is complete, FORTS unit folds up in to a compact, and stores at a 6:1 ratio. Custom sizes and configurations are available upon request.


Discover FORTS – The Fold-Out Portable Shelter


Our next-generation portable shelters have been showing-up across the globe with impressive popularity and speed. In only a few short years, FORTS Portable Shelters have been wowing organizations and governments with it’s cutting-edge design and the on-demand presentation.

FORTS portable shelters have an appeal that is both structural and functional. Their convenient size easily ships six units per flatbed or container to any location and the units themselves fold-out, ready for use, in ten minutes or less. This has proven to be a logistical dream for worldwide clientele who require shelters to be delivered to remote areas and set-up quickly and efficiently upon arrival.

The portable shelter that is built for modern demands.

The convenience, however, does not end there. The shelters are smartly built with cabinets, lighting and A/C plugins and a spacious interior to provide comfort and security to its occupants. Made from industrial-strength materials, FORTS are a heavy-duty, multi-use structure. The heavy-duty insulated-aluminum design is built to withstand the forces of climate and weather, which has been tested across various continents and terrains.